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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

'They' taught us Money is Happiness.

So here is the thing. Money. A lot of people may argue that money is not important. And a lot of people say that happiness, love or health are more important. But let's face the truth. You cannot go to the doctor without paying nowadays. You cannot be happy when you don't have money, because you need food and a lot of necessities that you need every day. And Love is expensive! Love includes in buying gifts for your loved ones. Love needs to be shown and love = relationships end with children and blah blah blah. Well, having kids is not cheap isn't it? We need money to survive, to achieve our goals and to feel comfortable in order to be motivated. Money is the motivation for each and everyone. Whoever says different is apparently lying to him self and everyone else. 

Try being unemployed, which am sure a lot of you are. You have to pay rent (as you might not live with your parents), you have to pay bills, you need money to survive and buy food. You need money to buy stuff you need in your everyday life. Well here is what I think, because I'm in this situation and can relate to a lot of people out there. They tell you after you get your degree it will be easy for you to get a job. What they don't tell you is that a degree or a master or even a PHD is just papers. The truth is they are not just papers. You worked so hard and you learned so much information that you didn't know that will be useful in what you will decide to do in your future. Information is Knowledge and knowledge leads to big things. However, getting a job while studying is gonna be much easier so I do suggest that. See, I thought that I didn't need to get a job while studying, because it would be better to concentrate on my studies and then work. What a fool I 've been! I thought I knew better. Apparently I knew NOTHING. 

It's been so many months trying to get a job and is not easy. Right now, only in London (where I live), there are are at least 2.000.000 people trying to get a job! When you attend an interview or apply for a job you see so many people around you, which makes you losing control of your emotions and you feel hopeless! So many people for so less positions! Is like you are looking for ashes in a field. However, I tried to fill in my time with doing something that will help me get a job. I apply for free training courses that workplace, job center etc, offer. I have studied English Literature and my dream job is to work for a Publishing Company and maybe one day I will have my own one. This is going to sound weird, but the trainings I 've been to have nothing to do with what I studied. The first training was about Retail and the one I'm on now is about Hospitality. I need to earn qualifications and experience which I do not have in the UK. What I like from these trainings is that I meet new people, learn new things, earn new qualifications and I feel more confident in getting a job. I would suggest whoever and whatever you are doing use your time to do something that will help you get where you want.

I'm not going to lie, it gets hard, and sometimes you have nothing that will make you feel better. Whenever you need something you count everything you have or not have. My wallet is always empty. And when you can't have support, because your parents are also hopeless, you just wish for a miracle. Right now my biggest concern is that I have difficulties in paying my rent, but I know as soon as I get a job it won't be a problem. The problem is getting a job though. The thing about money is that once you learn to live with them you can't live without them. It's like a drug that is trying to take over your life. But is needed, because eras have changed and nothing is the same as like 2000 years ago! We are lucky to be alive and waking up every day, but money brings problems that cannot be solved unless you have it.

Money can buy happiness, because without money you cannot be happy. Happiness should be without worries or concerns. You can never be fully happy when you have so little. Yes all you need is Love, but as I said love is not cheap either. I am in love and I want to be able to help us both (since he lost his job). I want to be able to buy stuff, to be able to buy food and make dinner. Be able to buy train tickets and go see him without thinking 'I don't have money'. Is not about buying gifts and expensive ones, is about having that chance to see your loved one. I have dreams and I want to live them, but you can't go anywhere or do anything without money, so Yes I feel hopeless. I try to think positive every day, I try to have faith and try harder and harder, but sometimes no matter how much I try is not even enough. I should really start to have more faith in me, because right now I have faith, but not in me. It's hard, but it will get better. I know it will. I just need to stay motivated and keep trying. I'm not gonna give up. I have to start from somewhere in order to achieve my big dreams. Right now I have nothing but Love. I am really lucky to have that and I know it, but is always that 'but'.

When you have money you do not care. You buy buy buy without thinking that money can 'fade away' one day. Look our society and planet how things ended up. They say it would be the end of the world. What I believe is that our planet doesn't have to get 'destroyed' and disappear to reborn! I believe something might happen that will take things back to the past in order for us people (who destroyed this planet) to be reborned in a better society. What if this crisis that make everyone poor is a sign that everything needs to go back to where it all started and be able to change how it all ended? There are so many questions going on in my mind, but it seems like everything makes sense now. People destroyed this planet and we need to be the ones to fix it, if it's still fixable. 

Our lives depend on something. I think for all of us money is what we are depending on. Is the most important thing, because this is how they taught us. We already have Love. Some don't have their full health but money can do that. You need money to do a surgery or any therapy. You can't be healthy if you don't have money to buy medicines and so on. 

So the right thing to be done in order to have money is use our time and do things that will help us get there! Once we realize that money won't come knocking on our door is the time we ll be ready to go out there and achieve it. The right time will come. And I will use my precious time with wisdom that will make things better. I have my dreams, I will achieve them. I have my goals, I will reach them. I have faith, I will have more faith in me. Time is precious, even if sometimes is running out. But I have a second chance to make things right. Is called tomorrow. I will always use the tomorrow as wise as I can. Money do buy happiness, but I have to think it doesn't. Is the only way to keep on going. Make the money! Don't let the money make you. Change the game, don't let the game change you. But in order to make the money, you have to be clever and use your time with wisdom. It will all get better with time. 


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