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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

All you need is....LOVE...

 There are different kinds of Love. But the important thing is to be able to Love. Love gives you hope and strength in order to continue the journey of life. Love means you will get hurt, you will cry; but Love also means you will feel happy, you will laugh and smile. Be surrounded by people that show their love to you and who are afraid to lose you. Is not about who says he/ she loves you. Is about who shows it every time and in every chance they get. To love is nothing, but to love and be loved is Everything. All things in life get complicated, because sometimes we make them that way, but is in our hands to make it all go away. Never stop showing your love to the people who deserve it. You will regret it when you won't, considering that you never took the chance to do it. When you love someone you let them know by any means. You show it. You make them feel that you do mean it and never let a moment go by without reminding to them how important it is to you that they are still next to you. 

There have been moments when I never said it and never showed it to people I had by my side. Then, the next second they were gone and I couldn't let them know. This is something that will always stay with me. They say never regret what you do, but that is not the case in a subject like "Love". Everyone needs it, but yet not everyone gets it. Is not a material; is like oxygen, because you need it to live. I read a quote somewhere, saying: "They say love is important, but I think Oxygen is more important." Anyone can make a statement like that, but deep down he/she does not really believe it. You say things like this, because you are hurt, and is okay to get hurt. It is part of life; to get hurt and hurt other people. 

Everyone thinks is expert when it comes to Love, but the real deal is that few people actually get to know what real Love is. Love is to stand by the person you care about; stick with them no matter if things get good or bad. Love is compromising and letting someone into your life in order to let you into theirs. Love is accepting the person regardless if you do not like everything about them. Love is showing. Love is letting them know. Love is to not be afraid to love. 

All you need is Love. When you love you learn to give; and you should never get tired of giving. Love will teach you to be strong and accept; but also face your fears. You only need Love, because is the only guaranteed real happiness. In every bad situation or problems you will need that love. 'It' will help you get back up and keep moving, just because there is nothing more powerful than being loved and love back.  Make every moment of it count. Do not be afraid to show love to anyone who might need it. Some people do not get to feel it as much as some others so make it count. You will then feel their love and real appreciation. Never bring people down, because life is a circle and whatever you do comes right back at you. Have faith and hope. Believe in Love so that Love will believe in you. Is the best feeling you will ever get to feel while you are alive. Love.. Love as much as you can.! Make your heart pick up every broken piece and show everyone your real love for them. You will not have many chances to do it, so never leave it for tomorrow. 


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