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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

I forgive you

You know that moment when you think your love is so strong that you won’t lose the person you love?

Sometimes love is not enough, she thought. Maybe there is something wrong with me, she thought again. But, like every other girl, there was nothing wrong.  She just wasn't happy.

She keeps on looking at the stars at night, dreaming of a happy life they could both have, but then again it seems they could never be happy after this.

He was her first biggest love – not the last apparently. Tall, handsome, with black short hair and a mysterious look in his big black eyes, that took her into secret places of the soul every time.

His skin was milk chocolate. That always attracted her in men. His big nice lips looked so smooth, she would dream of them at night, since the time she first saw him. Every day, she would go back there just to see him. They would both look at each other and get lost in their –probably same – thoughts.

His attitude would immediately change once he would see her approaching and coming back for him. He would stand straight and knot his shoulders, stretch his back and arms to show his – non-existent muscles.
There was something about him that would make her go mad in the idea of not seeing him at least once a day. She would fight with her friend just to make her realize that she had to see him. They had never exchanged words before. They would only see each other in the eyes and that would be enough.

However, this silence didn't last forever - lucky her. A big-boned tall guy approached them – she and her friend.

‘Hey! Listen, my name is Alex and my cousin there really wants your number’ and he pointed to the guy who she had been dreaming and wanting for far too long. She now had that cheeky, embarrassed look in her face.

Finally!, she thought and smiled ready with her answer. ‘And why isn't your cousin the one to come and ask for it if he really wants it?’ she said. Her friend laughed and so did Alex.

‘Soooooo, he is actually a very shy guy and doesn't really know how to approach women that much. Am just doing him a favor’, he continued.

She looked at him immediately and saw his handsome, shy face that looked like he was ready to hide or something. She smiled at him and turned towards his cousin. ‘Okay! I will give it to him then,’ she said and smiled. ‘Okay, great! Thanks a lot.’ He stood there for a few seconds waiting for her to give him her number apparently. ‘I’ll give it to him myself in a while’, she said. ‘Awesome!’ he said and turned and walked away.
‘Ready to leave?’ her best friend asked. ‘Give me a se….cond’ and she opened her big bag to get a pen and paper. She first wrote her name – Clara – and her number last. While standing up she put the pen and book back in her bag.

She took a different approach this time. It wasn't the same as the past couple of days, where she would just take the corner and leave. She approached him, while he was behind his counter and without saying anything she smiled and gave him her piece of paper. ‘Clara!’ he said enthusiastic. ‘Beautiful, bright name and thank you! I will definitely use it.’ ‘You better do’, she said and walked away with her friend.

This is how it started, but now, their story ended. Forget about his shy, handsome face and the mysterious look in his eyes – which now makes sense- that would take her into secret places. Now his eyes would take her into dark places where she would be sad and miserable. Now, looking at the stars, she wishes to never have met him. ‘You are NOTHING!’ he kept on shouting. ‘You deserve NO LOVE!’ he would continue while he would push and lock her in the big dark office and just leave her there for days at a time. She would cry her heart out. So hopeless and alone; blaming herself for her misery. No one would get there to help her. No one would ask for her since he took all her friends away from her life. She was all alone.

But then again, she was not. Her books in the office would keep her company, while they would be the ones to ease her pain.

After a day or two…

‘I forgive you!’ she would say every time the door would open.

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