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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Walking Under the Sun

This is a good day to be happy. Every day is a good day to be happy, but sometimes a little bit of sunlight is not that bad. Living in a city like London, is not always a gloomy doomy day. You don’t have to always curry an umbrella with you.

So today is one of those days when you can get ‘out’ of your clothes and just feel the sun ‘burning’ your skin. The sun will continue to hide behind the clouds at times but you can still smile and feel happy for even being able to see and enjoy the sun while it shines and shows off its brilliant yellow colour.

I really don’t get why people say that London is a depressing city just because of the weather. I am from a quite hot country and relocating to London was not that bad you know. It was good for me and I enjoy gloomy doomy weather sometimes.  Getting dressed with sweaters, coats, skirts and tights is what I love. Today is a day that I can ‘throw’ away for a while the tights, sweaters or coats away for a while. It also feels good.  I still enjoy the sun of course. There is nothing like walking under the sun when times get tough. It’s like refreshment and a reminder that there is always a light at the end of every tunnel.

I’m walking on suuuunshiiiineee woooooaaahh!!

Yes! Another reason to be happy is singing the same song over and over again. It’s a classic song. You simply can’t go wrong with that one.

Instead of sitting next to the window and watching the rain pour all over the streets, and making that annoying but at times kind of relaxing noise on the windows, is a good change just to walk under the sun and feel its light taking over that almost feels like is a strength. Sun is a power that you either love or hate. In this date in my diary London is sunny, with a completely view. You can see faces of people instead of them hiding under their umbrellas and hurrying up to avoid get all wet while taking the tube or the bus. You can also see smiles on people’s faces. Now this, is a day to be happy while walking under the sun.

You can feel free and enjoy the day while it lasts. I enjoy it. I can clearly see the buildings shining through their glass architecture. I can see faces. I can see smiles. I can see the sun. Above from all I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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