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Friday, 19 October 2012

It's time to Let Go

Have you ever thought that people like to bring you down repeatedly?  Are those people who you call "friends"?  Did you ever try to impress the wrong people in order to feel satisfy with yourself?  Well, let me tell you something!  I used to believe that, and I used to trying and impress people, because I thought they would like me "more".  Now, I grew up.  I learned how things work and what is more important in life.  I am not saying that I am old enough, but I experienced a lot of situations while growing up and on my way to find who I am.

Being young, there are times that you feel like you do not fit in.  Your 'only option' is to try and impress people in order to like you.  You lie to them, but mostly you lie to Yourself.  You will never have real friends if you lie to them, because your only concern is to impress them.  People will not like you and they won't be your friends based upon your lies.  Does it really matter if you impress them?  Well..No..  Making friends is very easy as long as you are being yourself.  Then, you will find the real ones, who will see behind the imperfections.  No one is perfect, because perfect is not real, and real is NOT perfect.  It takes time to learn someone and see what is hiding behind his/her 'perfect world'.

Sometimes, wrong people walk in our lives, but we have the choice to leave them behind or just give them a chance.   Everyone deserves a second chance, but let's be realistics here.  YOUR Life depends on those second chances.  When you see that certain people make you feel bad whatever the reason is, the only one who breaks down is you, while they watch and laugh.  Why wasting your time with them, when you could meet your best friend in the next corner?  You don't have to impress anyone who does not deserve to be in your life.  The right people will be impressed by you when they discover the Real You.

You can't impress or satisfy everyone.  Leave the past behind.  Let those people go and set yourself free from all the drama.  You do not need anyone in your life if they do not need you in theirs.  Let them go.  You will be better without them.  Focus your time and spend it with those who deserve You.  It's time to Let Go. . .

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