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Monday, 15 October 2012

Lesson Learnt

We make mistakes, because we are human beings.  Sometimes, they are small ones, but sometimes, they are big ones and affect our lives.  Repeatedly, we say "It won't happen again", but  is a truthful lie that we don't even believe.  Lessons will be learnt from those mistakes, so what we have to do is keep them in our mind and learn from them.  No matter how many times you will repeat the same mistake, or no matter how many mistakes you will repeat, is part of your life and the choices you make.  Make wise choices, but do not fear in taking chances and risks.  A mistake might lead to something extraordinary and interesting in your life that you didn't think it could.

Sometimes, you cannot apologize for your mistakes, because you choose to make them, but once you realize is a mistake there is not much you can do.  Keep in mind that mistakes and lessons are to be learnt.  While you move on with your life, you will make  more and more, but Be Careful in what mistakes you make.  They can become your lessons learnt, but the price you will pay for a bad one might be painful and heartbreaking.  If you think you can take the pain do it. It will only make you stronger and better.

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