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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Never Give Up

You start dreaming and making plans for the future.  Your future.  There comes a time, when you decide to make a plan for your life.  A lot of people do not like plans, but those who do, they always try and stick to them.  However, do you think is silly making plans for the future?  Is that enough that it would make you hold on and continue?  Personally, I was never a person with plans, but while growing up, I realized it was one of my mistakes.  Now, I am in a position in my life, that making plans is not a bad idea.  In order to get and reach somewhere, you should have a plan.  Plans do not always work, but if it won't work out, there is always plan B, C or even D.  The point is that, you should Never Give Up trying, if you really want something.  Nothing comes easy, unless you believe you can do it.  Work Hard.  Believe in Yourself and push your limits to the highest level.  

No one is ever too old or too young to achieve his/her dreams or something he/she believes in.  Unfortunately, we do not always have the support we need and it might get even harder at times, because we do not try to satisfy ourselves, but also people around us.  Despite that, you Never give up.  You keep trying and trying and trying.  You have to show them that you can do it.  You can push yourself to the limit and you can succeed.

Nothing ENDS = Effort Never Dies and you NEVER stop pushing.  Pick up every opportunity that comes in your way and try it.  It might not be a successful one from the first time, but take the next one and try even harder.  When you feel like giving up look yourself in the mirror and scream "I can Do this!" Experiment.  Try new things.  Make your plans work and make yourself proud. Nothing really ends.  I always believed that life is like a big house with lots of doors.  You just pick one and you go for it. Do not be afraid to open a new door.  There is always the option to try the next one afterwards.

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