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Saturday, 15 December 2012

DO what makes YOU Happy..

The other day I was chatting with one of my best friends about things that happen in our lives at the moment. Don't you have that one friend that you feel you can talk about everything without considering the fact that they will judge you, but instead you motivate each other? Well that's what I feel every time I talk with her. I will always get the honest answer back, which is something I love about her. Maybe is the fact that I do the same and I always expect people to do the same to me. There are only a few people out there who are able to listen and accept the truth. Is ironic though, how a lot of them always seek for the truth, but no one ever appreciate the fact that you are straight forward. Why do you want to know the truth when is something you won't be able to accept? 

One of the things we were chatting was about the things we used to love doing while growing up. She loved to draw and so did I. She needs to feel really inspired to start drawing when I on the other hand will start drawing whatever and whenever really. However, there are different types of drawings and feelings that come out of every picture. A picture is worth a thousand words they say. So honest and so true. One might not be able to describe an image in a thousand words, but you will get a different answer from everyone, so you end up with your thousands of words.

What is amazing when you draw is that afterwards you can look back at it and feel what you have been drawing. When you are inspired and emotional is something that will be seen in your drawings. If you are sad, dark colors are the ones most used in your drawings and when you are happy you chose the colorful ones. Your soul and what is in your heart at that moment is what will be displayed in your illustrations. The best drawings are those who "speak" to your heart and mind. This is Art; to be able to show in your drawings what you feel and those drawings that will make you emotional but also make you think and consider about different things.

No one can judge your drawings. They might say is bad or is good, but the truth is that everything about what you draw is real, because it comes from your soul.  It makes YOU happy, so anyone who is trying to bring you down is someone who doesn't know what "expressing your feelings" means. There are different ways to express what you believe and what you feel. Mine are drawing and writing. 

The difference between those who are trying to bring you down and those who give you great feedback on what you do (might not be drawings or writing but something else) is that you get motivated. You feel good about yourself and you are motivated to continue doing it. If it's something that you love doing then Why Stop? They can't take away your dreams and they can't take away your inspiration, unless you let them do it to you. In order to start doing what you love you must find your motivations and get out of your comfort zone. 

Comfort zone is the fears you may have. You might be afraid of spiders, failure, heights and so on. Comfort zone is also when you are tired or depressed. One important stage of comfort zone is that you keep saying to your self "What if I Can't?" You make your self believe that you will not make it and you can't do it, which leads you in taking steps back and not be motivated to carry on in order to achieve your dreams or goals. To get out of the comfort zone and make steps ahead YOU NEED to face your fears. If you are afraid of heights go and face it. If you are afraid of failure and that you will not end up with the result you want then TRY it. You have NOTHING to lose. You will only lose a part of your self and in the end you will regret for the things you haven't done or tried. 

When you get out of the comfort zone you will be fearless and confident. You will be free and passionate for success. You will say to your self out loud "What if I CAN?" Because you Can do it. You can achieve it if you can dream it. No one is stopping you but YOU. You are the owner and the creator of your dreams and goals. The sky is the limit of your passion and love. Find out what you want to do and be clear about it, find ways to make it happen and then Do it. Belief is something powerful. When you believe in your self you show everyone else who you are. No one is going to stop you. There will always be someone to bring you down, but never think for a moment that you can't do it. They are your motivation to go and show them "YES I can do it". "Who are you to bring me down?" should be your answer to them. Take your life in your hands, because no one will do it for you. Face your fears. Look at them in the eyes and just do it. 

There are times when you have no motivation to start doing something that you wanted to do long time ago, but no one stopped you. You did. You gave up on you. The result when you give up on your dreams and things that you love to do is that you end up with depression and the thought of failure. You feel like there is nothing you are able to do and nothing makes you happy anymore. You create it to your self. Why did you give up? What was the reason? Realize what you have done and Get back to it. You should always complete what you started doing in the first place. It was in your plans and plans always lead to your dreams and goals. I might be sitting here and writing for you to read my stories, but I am doing what makes me happy. I write. At first it was weird and I was afraid to do it, because I didn't think it would be good enough. But if you don't try you will always end up with questions that start with "What if". Doing what makes you happy is a medicine to your self. You deserve to be happy and you deserve to have a good life where you will be able to develop your self and the way you think. Once I faced it that's it. I write more and I feel good about it. It might not be perfect but it will always get better each and every time. 

When you are sad start drawing.. When you are happy start drawing. When is just something in between get a piece of paper, a pencil and draw. If you don't like drawing then write. If you don't like writing or drawing then listen to some music. Be creative. You can create what you feel. There is always something we love to do. Then why Not do it? You don't have to be perfect at what you do and what you like doing, but you will get better with time. Doesn't matter what age you are. There is always free time when you have the willingness to get out of your comfort zone and achieve something. There are so many great things you can achieve that you do not even know about yet. When you are happy everyone around you will be. And they will be happy for you because you are trying. You are trying to develop and satisfy your self. You shouldn't be sad. There are so many things to be happy about. Make it happen. You owe it to You. You owe it to everyone around you that care about you. DO IT .. DO IT .. DO IT...!!!

Find what is in your heart. Learn what your dreams are. Dreams are not always things we wish we had. Dreams are goals and achievements. Wake up. The best thing about dreams is that they can be alive. You make them reality. Dreams are stories and part of your life. You create them in your head, then why not create them and give them life? No one can take them away from you, but no one will make your dreams come true. You MUST take steps ahead. You will then be happy and proud that you achieved something. Never give up. I will never stop saying that to you. NEVER GIVE UP. When you give up on your dreams, you will give up on your life, then you will just be wondering "what if". 

Get up, Wake up, Do it. You deserve to be Happy. Never forget that. 

The above pictures are drawings by my best friend (except the first one "do what makes you happy"). I wanna thank her for letting me show them out here and just want to let her know that Everything will Get better, but never give up. :-)


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