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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Funny Christmas

If you are expecting Santa these Christmas please Note..:

You should be a good boy/girl this year. If not you will end up like this..


I think they are doing it wrong xD. It's hard to tell. Hehe..:

Oh my God! Where did Frosty go?!! Good job guys! Well done! xD

Okay so here is my list, but I have a few more other stuff that I need. So ... :

So Santa went out with Rudolph and his Elf. I think Rudolph is drunk xD ...


Hands Up or this will be your last Christmas!!! xD

I hope you enjoyed this post! Don't forget to be fabulous, funny, adventurous and AWESOME these Christmas! Have a Lovely Weekend by "Looking at the stars..".

hohoho xD

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